The pRimal scream podcast

The friendship behind the Primal Scream started over 20 years ago.  Our families spend a lot of time together, so Matt and I tend to hash out the latest issues in politics, family stuff, love, and everyday life, together. We are often very political, both of us leaning in different directions, but having enough similarities that we don’t crush each others individuality or point of view. We've come to the realization that our get togethers are like therapy. Together, we are able to dig down to the roots of issues bothering us. Ah, it can be so cathartic!

We try our best to not be judgmental, closed minded, or mean, but we are human, and being overly “PC”  tends to drive us both crazy, so we aren’t. There you have it. This podcast was born out of years of talking, laughing, drinking, crying, and yes, even some screaming. We've both taken so much from these talks, and come to realize that there are other people out there struggling with the same issues, or plagued by the same troubles. Then, we had a bat-shit-crazy idea: let's turn these talks into a podcast.

What are we going to share? Good question. We’ve dropped our inhibitions and liberated ourselves from society's expectations on how to act, think, and respond to the world around us. That, my friend, is where honesty lives. We will share our opinions, interesting facts, and some stories by truly inspiring people. You will undoubtedly agree with some of it, but not all. We welcome debates, and revel in the variety of so many different lives. Not everything you hear here will be a revelation, but it will all be from the heart.

What Primal Scream means to us: We all filter our true thoughts and feelings throughout the day. We do it when we're talking to our kids, our wives, our co-workers, or the opposite sex, you name it, we are constantly monitoring what we do and say. Understandably in some instances, but we don’t have many outlets to truly express some of those primal responses. This podcast is our attempt to liberate ourselves from those filters.

Strap in, give it a listen, and let loose with a healthy primal scream. We appreciate you listening.

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