Episode - 029 Evan Stock Band

On this Episode of the Primal Scream, Evan, Chris, and Marlan stop in to tear down my house with their amazing music.  First though as usual Todd and I discuss some current events; like the RT news anchors quitting on air because of the propaganda they say they were being told to say by management.  Fox News sticks their foot in their mouths again when a correspondent made the comment about if she was on welfare, wow what a great weight loss program that would be.  Matt talks about the sin he learned at his catholic high school.  The Band also talks about the power of the drum line in high schools and what makes a success story nowadays?  Todd and I try our hand at matchmaking some of our favorite guests.  Scott Tickes is brought up and Matt is freaked out about belly button fuzz.  All that and more on this episode of The Primal Scream Podcast.


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