Episode - 023 Philip Seymour Hoffman is remembered

Philip Seymour Hoffman is remembered on this Podcast along with a few current events that are going on in our nation.  Listen and Matt astounds you with his ignorance of the Super Bowl.  We touch on education and what it takes to make yourself marketable, How free speech is no longer free.  Matt tries to make the point that it isn't the haves vs: the have nots in this country that is destroying our way of life but the fact that we no longer are a nation of producers but more often than not a service driven industry.  The documentary $ellebrity is talked about in relation to what movie stars have to put up with and how when you look at what this documentary shows, Alec Baldwin's actions look completely understandable.  River Valley Chiropractic is brought up also Newbo Market, that super human ability to make something from nothing.  Who would have thought you could make a history lesson from Assassin's Creed, well Todd can and Carl Urban should be the next Roland for the upcoming Gunslinger movie.  All this and more on this Episode of The Primal Scream.

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