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"Does the Gun World Want to Actually Train?" CVO Episode 010

Does the gun world want to actually train? Hear Mikes response to this! Be humble and train because the bad guys do train. Words to live by, relentless forward movement! Is is socially acceptable to run a 5k while smoking? And don't miss Mike's story on parachueting while in a gorilla mask and smoking! Check out

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Why We React the Way We Do? CVO Gun Talk Episode 005

Today we talk about all of the classes that we offer, but beyond that we talk about why they are so important. It's not just "Land the Plane" class it goes way beyond that. Listen in to why, what, and where we make all of this happen. Along with some great discussion about why we do what we do because we're all human and we need to discover why we react the way we do.

The Will To Survive Episode 004

Tools are tools and life and death matter no matter how you cut it. Today we discuss "the will to fight", death is bad no matter what tool you use whether with a car or a gun. Calling out Iowa Sen. McCoy for a sit down to talk about the real numbers when it comes to deaths in Iowa. To top it off, you legislate human behavior? Check it all out!
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What can we learn from terrorism? CVO Gun Talk Episode 003

This episode covers questions and answers about Nice. What can we learn from this terrible event, ignorance about the law isn't an excuse, Ernie's version of terrorism, Pokemon Go, the "Reactionary Gap", and many other things. Do you have questions about guns, can you be a gun loving Democrat, and if you are a gun owner, are you a responsible gun owner.

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Personal Trauma Episode 002

Welcome back, Ernie's life takes some turns when his sister has a stroke and one of Ernie's best friends, Mike McElmeel, arrives as the responding paramedic.

Medical skills are important

We spent a week training with Rob Pincus, founder of I.C.E. Training, at Brownells in Searsboro, Iowa.

Is military or police training too highly regarded?

LGBT community and training. We all need the mindset that we can fight back against violence.

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