Production update - August 16

- Exciting news around the studio this week. We wrapped post-production on Jed Quinn's first novel, Orchard. We are now finalizing files and preparing it for its long-waited upload into the digital verse. Here it comes, folks. Also, Quinn's second novel, Cove, isn't far behind it. We are anticipating primary production wrapping sometime in mid September. We are excited about transitioning that book to post-production so you audio book fans can jump right into the exciting continuation of this exciting series.

- We had a great recording session with the mellow Craig Byers, and are progressing towards the finish line on Barten Mill's riveting crime/procedural novel, Bishop to Queen's Knight. We think that fans of Michael Connelly and his Bosch detective series will enjoy this one. Especially those who have watched the fantastic Amazon adaptation with Titus Welliver.

- We started production on two new projects Friday. First, we had KCCK radio D.J., author, and international man of mystery, Dennis W. Green, into the studio and started production on his first book, Traveler. Fans of this awesome, dimension-shifting cop should get excited for this one!

 - The second show we started production on is Antivirus, my Michael Koogler. We combined Andy's deep, resonant voice with this thrilling, sci-fi thriller, to bring you a must-listen audio book. You may never look at your internet modem the same again! Keep your eyes out for this one!

- Within the next week, we are auditioning narrators for Godsknife, by Time Ward, Within, by Aaron Bunce, The Hunted Assassin, & Linear Shift, by Paul Kohler, and Ghosts in the Snow,  by Tamara Siler Jones.

Keep tuned for more information in the coming days!

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