Production update - Madness

- Hello, hello, hello. This past few months has been crazy around the studio. Auditions have trickled to a close and we are now working diligently to get them all sorted, edited, and posted. Thank you for your patience, as there are only so many me's, and quite a few more you's. I am hoping to have them all done within the week.

- Orchard, by Jed Quinn is in the final stage. This is where we listen and edit out any small hiccups and background noises. This is a fine process and results in the "finished" sound everyone is looking for in a well-crafted audio book. Album artwork and peripherals will be done soon, so expect an updated release date very soon. Hint hint, it might be out as soon as early September!

- Jed Quinn's follow up, Cove, is already well into production. We have over 50% of the project recorded and are working diligently to get the rest recorded in the next week or two. After that, Cove will sidle off to our post-production room for the first wave of trims and cuts. We are hoping to bring this audio book to you this fall!

Bishop to Queen's Knight, a fantastic little mystery/detective novel by Iowa's own Barten Mills is full steam ahead now, with the Bosch-esque Craig Byers behind the microphone. We are pushing the recording schedule hard on this one as well, hoping to move it into post production within the next month or two! Stay tuned.

- Next week, Stephanie Neff will be in studio reading for Godsknife, by Tim Ward. Once the initial reading is signed off by the author, that project will move into full production.

- Author, and multi-talented vocalist Dennis W. Green will be in studio next Friday to begin production on the audio book narration of his first book Traveler! We are extremely excited about this audio book and introducing all of you to the fantastical, paralell reality world of Trav Becker.

- Nora Rose Sullivan, will begin production on The Music Mage, by Sandra Miller. This project is reaching the end of pre-production and should begin recording in early September. This is a big book, full of fantasy and mystery. We can't wait to sink our teeth into this world and bringing you an awesome audio adaptation.

- Andy Eastman is schedule to come in and read for Michael Koogler's techno-thriller Antivirus. This is a great, creepy book and should make one heck of a good audio book. Once the initial recording is signed off we will shift Antivirus into production!

- Stay tuned, folks, lots of updates are just around the corner!

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