Sorry, it's been a while since I published an update on here. When we decided to grow TPS Media, I don't think we had a healthy appreciation for just how many human hours were required! Needless to say, we are steamrolling forward!

In news, Orchard, by Jed Quinn, and narrated by Nora Rose Sullivan is officially released! Yay! You can grab your copy through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The studio has a select number of complimentary copies that it is looking to give away to audio book reviewers. If you are interested, comment below and we'll be in touch.

Production for Cove, the sequel to Orchard has wrapped. That means book 2 in Jed Quinn's Orchard series is heading to you this holiday season - after some primping from the editing department, that is.

Since our last chat, we've come to terms with, and completed primary production on author Cassie Leigh's newest novella, Home for the Howliday. It is a devilishly fun little romance about werewolves. It is due out in early November, so check out our audio book page for more details. I will let you all know when that is available for purchase.

Last week we met with author Michael Koogler, and came to terms to adapt his fantastic techno-thriller, Antivirus. Andy Eastman is going to take the mic for this one. It's going to be a good one, folks. You just might not look at your router and home computer the same ever again!

Monday October 24th is the first pre-production meeting on Aaron Bunce's dark fantasy, Within! Brian Smith has come aboard to breathe life into this one, and we could not be more excited. This one is going to be a real treat, and a marathon. Prepare yourself for a 26+ hour audio book!

Godsknife, by Timothy C Ward is progressing through primary production, as is Bishop to Queen's Knife, by Barten Mills. Both should be out and available for you to purchase this holiday season! That is all the news I have for you today folks, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or requests, comment below, or message us through the website, Facebook, or twitter. We are always happy to connect!  Happy a happy Halloween , everybody!

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